PALM 0.0

PALM 0.0 is a refreshing Belgian alcohol-free beer, full of character due to the use of hops from our own fields. The selected malts give the beer its typical amber colour.

Characteristic features

Top fermentation – Amber-coloured – Alcohol-free ≤ 0.0% ABV

PALM amber-coloured malts

Unique amber-coloured malts determine the basic flavour of PALM 0.0: mild caramel flavours with a honey-like mellowness. The malting process adheres to PALM’s specific instructions, which are aimed at a natural brown colouring that gives the beer its specific flavour.

Contact with PALM yeast

Yeasts have great reducing properties. PALM N.A gets its beer character through intensive contact with PALM yeast. This contact is nevertheless cut short before alcoholic fermentation starts.

The PALM “balloon” glass

The glass exudes roundness and conviviality, perfectly matching the mellow flavour and that unique PALM drinking moment.

Brand identity

Brand values:
Genuineness – Authenticity – Amber – Candour – Conviviality

Offers a nice alternative, which can be enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere, to consumers who, due to health reasons or being a designated driver, are looking for a non-alcoholic beer.


  • 25 cl Bottle