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The Master Beers
Master Beers is PALM Breweries’ unique collection of thoroughbred beers, bottled in 75
cl and 150 cl cork-sealed bottles. They are brewed according to three different fermen-
tation methods, with most undergoing re-fermentation in the bottle. Each bottle contains
the passion of the centuries-old art of family brewing; each glass brings forth its own
warm colour and subtle pleasures for the eyes, nose and tongue. Experience the delight
the brewer wishes to share with you: enduring gems of top, mixed and spontaneous
fermentation, passed on from generation to generation.
You can serve Master Beers in the specially designed Master Beers tasting glass,
perfect replacement for a wine glass. For a touch of style, serve chilled Master Beers
from an ice bucket brought to the table.
our thoroughbred beers from KEG TO GLASS
FROM the bottle