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Unique range of beers
TAPMASTER enhances your reputation as a beer specialist
TAPMASTER offers three to twelve different beers on tap. TAPMASTER enables you, the
operator, to make a real difference in your market. The Full Option TAPMASTER also lets
you dispense draught “flat beers”.
Our range is very extensive and unique:
• all authentic, Belgian thoroughbred beers;
• all in 20 l kegs;
• the only range with the four traditional Belgian fermentation methods.
A rich palate of tastes and brewing styles that will amaze even the most discerning beer
enthusiast. They’ll be grateful to you for your wide range and amazingly fresh quality. You
offer your customers what they’re looking for: DISCOVERY AND ENJOYMENT.
chilled and is located directly under the tap. At low temperatures the CO
pressure is only 0.85 bar. Only minimal positive CO
pressure is needed to drive the beer
from the keg to the draft tower. This avoids the risk of over-saturating the beer, and the
associated dispensing problems. Result: 66% less CO
consumption, guaranteed to
provide lots of extra income every year.
Good news for great and small
Low-turnover beer
a wide choice of specialist beers can be provided on tap.
You know the problem: a draught beer keeps for 2 to 5 days at most. TAPMASTER, by
contrast, extends the shelf-life of draught beer to 3 weeks. This applies to every tap,
meaning that various specialist beers can now be provided on tap as well.
TAPMASTER: at home in every bar or pub
TAPMASTER fits perfectly in every bar or pub and is suitable for both staggered and
peak consumption. Even if you are only open a few days a week or only at the weekend,
this draught beer system is the only one that can provide you with guaranteed quality.
There is a TAPMASTER for every type of bar.
Excellent value for money
• No-cost investment. What are the installation costs for a TAPMASTER? Don’t
worry. PALM Breweries will take on the installation charges.
your average annual consumption is at least 10 hectolitres per
draught tower. We are convinced that once you start using TAPMASTER, you
won’t be able to do without it in your business, nor will you want to.
• No beer waste
• No maintenance costs for flushing out lines, and each glass tastes just as fresh
as the first
• 66% less CO
These cost benefits are considerable. In an average food pub or inn with six draught
towers and annual sales of 50 hectolitres of pilsner and 50 hectolitres of specialist beer,
total annual savings will be an impressive €2,340. This amounts to €395.20 per draught
tower. This is €23.71 per hectolitre, equal to an average of 12.16% additional purchasing
TAPMASTER is easier to use, more economical, more functional, more versatile and less
costly than a traditional draught beer system. It is also the only draught beer system that
offers guaranteed quality.
our thoroughbred beers from KEG TO GLASS