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Four models in one compact design
A space-saving draught beer system:
4 kegs chilled at the bar for every 50 cm of bar length
TAPMASTER is the unique, patented draught beer system with an integrated keg refrig-
erator and chilling up to the tap, developed by PALM Breweries. The installation system
allows you to select the model that fits perfectly into your bar. Installation requires only
minimal alterations, so your bar doe not have to become a temporary building site.
A TAPMASTER system with one door (four 20-litre kegs) and three draught towers only
takes up 90 cm of bar length. For the version with eight draught towers, 240 cm (sixteen
20-litre kegs) is sufficient. You have a choice of chilling systems: direct Freon chilling with
a remote chiller or glycol chilling with a remote glycol/Freon chiller.
Integrated chilling system
Kegs and lines are constantly chilled up to the draught tower.
The kegs (4 to 16) and the lines leading to the taps are constantly kept at the right tem-
perature and carbon dioxide pressure. No more beer spoilage in lines and kegs, even
if the kegs remain connected for three weeks. No more turbid beer with an unpleasant
taste or an odd smell. No more oversaturated beer with in excessive head when it is
drawn. TAPMASTER eliminate all your traditional draught problems.
Unprecedented high returns
• no maintenance costs
• no hook-up or daily flush-out losses
• very low CO
TAPMASTER keeps kegs and beer lines chilled up to the tap. This rules out infections
and eliminates the need for a maintenance contract for line cleaning.
TAPMASTER ensures that there is no loss of beer when hooking up a new keg and that
there is no longer any need to run off the first glass every day. This means that you get
more beer from your keg: the first glass you draw each day can be sold directly and the
last glass from the keg will be equally delicious.
TAPMASTER allows you to leave the beer in the lines on closing days. This eliminates
any loss of beer resulting from running water through the lines. The keg is always kept
TM 90
TM 140
TM 206
TM 240
Innovative draught beer system: Tapmaster
Beer enthusiasts are demanding and critical, and they are willing to show it. They in-
creasingly ask what beers are on tap, and they are quicker to complain that the beer has
an unpleasant odour or taste.
Bar and pub proprietors, on the other hand, want to demonstrate their professionalism
by offering an exceptionally wide range and impeccable quality. Quality cannot always
be taken for granted with traditional draught systems, even with regular intensive clean-
ing. The result is a considerable loss of beer. PALM Breweries has now set about chang-
ing this, with its revolutionary and innovative draught technology: TAPMASTER.
Your benefits at a glance:
• guaranteed consistent quality
• no maintenance costs
• no flush-out losses
• very low CO
consumption (up to 66% less)
• ability to cope with low turnover
• “flat beers” can also be dispensed
• enables a wide range of beers to be offered on tap (up to 12 beers)
• keg quality guaranteed for up to 3 weeks following hook-up
The Tapmaster
can give your
business that edge
in the market.
You’ll attract more
customers. More
customers means
increased sales
and lower costs.
Palm Tapsysteem
Air circulation 1°C
our thoroughbred beers from KEG TO GLASS