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Anchored in the
Belgian beer tradition
Belgian quality labels
This shared, internationally registered logo of the Union of Belgian Breweries is a guar-
antee that the designation “BELGIAN BEER” stands for:
• beer brewed by an excisable brewery established in Belgium;
• beer brewed by a foreign brewery that has acquired a licence for this beer from
a brewery that is excisable in Belgium and brews the same beer in Belgium;
• beer brewed by a foreign subsidiary of a brewery that is excisable in Belgium
and brews the same beer in Belgium.
The designation “BELGIAN STYLE” (imitation) is used for beers that have been inspired
by existing Belgian beer types, but do not meet the above criteria.
This registered logo can be used for abbey beers meeting the following conditions:
• there is a link with an existing abbey or one which no longer exists;
• royalties are paid to finance the charitable activities of the abbey (or foundation);
• the abbey has the right to control advertising.
This registered trademark guarantees the authenticity of a product made by Trappist
monks. For beer, this means that: the product was brewed within the monastery walls
by – or under the supervision of – the local Trappist community. The proceeds are used
in part for maintaining the monastery community and in part for social and charity work.
Trappist beers are always top-fermentation beers, fermented in the bottle, varying in
colour, taste and density.
Traditional Flemish Regional Product
The label is awarded to products that are known as being typical of a region, are pro-
duced in the region, are made using artisanal methods in accordance with the regional
tradition, and have a longstanding and/or historic reputation.
This label is issued to brewers who use at least 50% Belgian hops in their beer. This
quality logo was created to encourage Belgian brewers to use more hops from their
own country.
Belgian Family Brewers
Quality guarantee for artisanally produced Belgian beer. This label is only awarded to
beers that are brewed in Belgium by an independent family that has been brewing for
50 years or longer. The beers bearing this label are unique: they have no copies under
another name or label.
European protection of Belgian beer styles
Several High Councils for the Protection of an Authentic Belgian Beer Style have already
been established by local brewers of local beers. They strive to obtain one of the European
labels listed below.
European Council Regulation 510/2006 protects geographical indications and designa-
tions of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs.
PDO – Protected Designation of Origin
This label is used for products that are produced, processed and prepared in a certain
geographical area and in accordance with a recognised and monitored procedure.
PGI – Protected Geographical Indication
A label for products for which at least one of the production, processing or preparation
stages can be ascribed to the geographical area of origin. Such products are recog-
nised in a delimited geographical area.
The Hoge Raad voor de Authentieke Roodbruine Bieren (High Council for Authentic
Red-Brown Beers), abbreviated HORARB, has submitted a request for a PGI label for
this beer style.
The Hoge Raad voor de Authentieke Spéciale Belge Ale (High Council for Authentic
Special Belgian Ale), abbreviated HORASB, has submitted a request for a PGI label for
this beer style.
GTS – Guaranteed Traditional Speciality
This designation does not refer to the product’s area of origin, but instead emphasizes
the traditional product composition or production method.
The Hoge Raad voor de Authentieke Lambiek (High Council for Authentic Lambic), ab-
breviated HORAL, has obtained a GTS label for the 100% spontaneous-fermentation
lambic and geuze under the designation “old lambic” and “old geuze”.