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Viki Geunes, restaurant ’t Zilte
On account of his astute, unique tasting skills and exceptional creativity, we asked Viki
Geunes to collaborate in the development of new beer types.
RODENBACH Caractère Rouge was one of the first projects, co-developed and signed
by this celebrity chef. In addition, Geunes annually develops recipes centring on selected
brands and beers from the PALM Breweries range, under the name Beer & Food Pairings.
For the best combinations, both the dish and the beer should have the same flavour
content or flavour strength: a light dish is best paired with a light beer, whilst a more
robust dish needs a more robust beer with a pronounced character. The beer and the
dish should preferably work in harmony. This means that sour, sweet and bitter should
be present in equal quantities in both the food and the beer. Light beers which are not
quite as strong are perfect with apéritif nibbles or with starters; more characterful and
stronger beers are more suited to main courses. Specific sweet-sour or fruity flavours
are in their element when served with desserts.
Cheese affineurs Van Tricht
Cheese affineurs Van Tricht were named by the Wall Street Journal as “Europe’s best
cheese affineurs”. PALM Breweries, together with Van Tricht, has created the Beer &
Cheese Pairings portfolio with two cheeses suggested for each PALM Breweries beer.
Cheese and beer is an ideal combination With its creamy, rich character, cheese covers
the taste buds in a film. Freeing the taste buds requires a slightly acidic and bitter drink,
such as beer. Cheese in furthermore a fine complement to beer, which can have sour,
sweet and bitter elements, but no salt. Combining different cheeses and different beers
always leads to new, surprising flavour combinations.
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