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Our thoroughbred beers
with food
Dishes prepared with beer
Beer plays a prominent role in traditional Belgian popular cuisine, especially in combina-
tions of meat and fruit. Whereas French cuisine has a bitter/sweet orientation, Belgian
beer cuisine places the emphasis more on the sweet/sour balance, with a great diversity
of subtle flavour combinations.
Beer can be used in two ways in cooking:
Beer as the foundation or as an ingredient
Beer is the tasty result of a boiling process and consequently contains sub-
stances which do not evaporate. This makes beer a highly suitable ingredient for
mingling with the complexity of the resulting dish.
Beer as an addition or extra flavouring
Adding a dash of beer at the end of the preparation process gives the dish –
depending on the choice of beer – an extra sweet, sour, fruity, herby or bitter
Dishes “accompanied” by beer
A dish and the beer that accompanies it each have their own specific, prevailing taste:
sour, sweet, salty, bitter, soft, dry, creamy, herby, fruity, etc.
It is a personal choice whether these flavour accents:
• either contrast with each other
• or complement (reinforce or supplement) each other
Beer with food
Beer with food is currently “in”. Serving beer with dishes is becoming increasingly popular,
as is the use of beer in food preparation. In the past, beer was used in a relatively simple
and traditional way, for example in casseroles, but now chefs are now using beer in a more
complex, modern cuisine. The attention given to beer in the food world is further accentu-
ated by the professional knowledge and expertise of the servers. The advent of specialist
beer sommeliers and a separate beer list alongside the regular wine list are proof of this.
As always, PALM Breweries is keeping abreast of these trends. Together with celebrity
chef Viki Geunes from restaurant ‘t Zilte, we have created gastronomic beer & food pair-
ings. Collaboration with cheese expert Van Tricht has produced a number of astonishing
beer & cheese pairings. You can learn more about them in this section.
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