In the 16th century the Catholic Spanish army marched into the Low Countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and certain parts of Northern France) to do battle against advancing Protestantism. The Spanish soldiers, led by Alva, had a keen eye for inns offering a pleasant stay, with delicious drinks, tasty meals and a friendly atmosphere. The lively serving wenches were an added attraction. That’s why “esta minetta” (“there are girls”) became a code name for the preferred inns.

ESTAMINET is now the name of PALM Breweries’ best “premium pils”.

ESTAMINET owes its premium quality to the selection of the best natural ingredients: soft water, 100% high-quality summer barley, a distinctive yeast and very precious Saaz hops. High density, slow and traditional bottom fermentation to provide a fruity character and maturation for 6 full weeks make ESTAMINET a true Belgian premium pils.

Characteristic features

Bottom fermentation – 5.2% ABV

Brand identity

Brand values:
Manly – Competent

Thirst-quenching, refreshing pilsner – Made for socialising
To be drunk in a group


2011- Gold - Brewing Industry International Award 
2013- Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge
2014- Silver - World Beer Awards
2015 - Europe's Best Pilsner - World Beer Awards
2015 - The Certificate of Excellence 2015 - Brussels Beer Challenge
2016 - Europe's Best Pilsner - World Beer Awards
2017 - Certificate of Excellence - Brussels Beer Challenge


  • 20 l Keg
  • 50 l Keg
  • 25 cl Bottle