PALM Hop Select

PALM Hop Select is a complex yet balanced top-fermentation connoisseurs’ beer with a reasonable alcohol content. Its specific hop aroma comes from the aromatic Hallertau Mittelfrüh hop variety. The carefully selected PALM yeast gives this beer its banana-like fruitiness, and the special PALM malts provide its subtle touch of caramel. Bottle conditioning ensures fine sparkling and an excellent shelf-life. PALM Hop Select undergoes hopping in three stages. An initial hopping at the start of the boiling process ensures the bitter flavour. The specific hop aroma comes from the Hallertau Mittelfrüh. This aromatic hop variety is added as a second hopping at the end of boiling and as a third hopping during dry hopping (end of fermentation), when Hallertau Mittelfrüh from our own hop field is used.

Characteristic features

Top fermentation – Copper-coloured (light amber) – Belgian Hops – 6% ABV

PALM amber-coloured malts

Unique amber-coloured malts determine the basic flavour of PALM Hop Select: mild caramel flavours with a honey-like mellowness. The malting process adheres to PALM’s specific instructions, which are aimed at a natural brown colouring that gives the beer its specific flavour.

PALM yeast

The aroma is determined to a significant extent by yeast. Through intensive selection, the Van Roy family has amassed a lavish collection of the various yeast strains, each of which gives the beer its own fruity character. PALM Hop Select is fermented with a yeast strain which provides a distinct banana-like fruitiness.

The PALM Hop Select glass

A special glass in order to fully enjoy the unique hop aromas.
• On a stem, inviting that tasting moment.
• A goblet shape, curving inward slightly towards the top to allow PALM Hop Select’s hop aromas to really come out.
• Tapering towards the bottom in order to maintain the height of the head as the glass is drained.

Brand identity

Brand values:
Genuineness – Authenticity – Amber – Candour – Conviviality

Affordable specialist beer – Made for socialising
To be drunk in small groups, but also alone


  • 20 l Keg
  • 33 cl Bottle
  • 75 cl Bottle